Q – What is Travel Soccer and how is it different from In-House soccer?

A – The LTSC Travel Soccer Program is designed for players whose skills and inclinations suggest participation in a more competitive environment and with a greater level of competition.  Players must try out and make a Travel Team, whereas all players who sign up for In-House Soccer get to participate.  

Q – How many travel teams does LTSC field?

A – If sufficient registration and talent permit, LTSC will field Boys "Green" and "White" Teams and Girls "Purple" and "White" Teams in the following birth years; 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004. Green and Purple level teams usually play in the most competitive divisions in league and tournament play.  

Q – Does LTRC require their players to play In-House Soccer to participate in the Travel Soccer Program?

A – No, however, each child has the option of continuing to play In-House Soccer.  In fact, many of the White Team players and the younger Green or Purple Team players participate in the recreation leagues.  However, parents must be aware that if a conflict ever arises between a in-house game and a travel game, the child must play in the in-house game.

Q – If our child makes a Travel Team, when must we decide if he or she is playing In-House Soccer?

A – Parents must notify their travel coach whether they are playing In-House Soccer at the conclusion of the travel tryouts.

Q – Does my child have to register if they just plan to play Travel Soccer?

A – Yes.  All travel soccer candidates must register for tryouts under the travel tab registration in order to participate in the tryouts.  Do not register for inhouse until after the travel team selections are complete.  If you do not make a travel team, a separate registration must be completed in order to be placed on a team.

Q – What is LTSC? Is it different than the LTRC Travel Program?

A – LTSC stands for Lutherville-Timonium Soccer Club. It is the "club name" which the LTRC Travel Program operates under. LTSC and the LTRC Travel Program are one in the same.

Q – How are the age groups determined for Travel Teams? 

A – The date for determination of a players age for Travel Teams is their birth year (Jan. 1- Dec. 31)

Q – When do Travel Tryouts occur?

A – Tryouts for all Travel Teams generally start in mid-May.  Unless delayed by weather problems or field availability, all tryouts will be concluded by the end of the public school year.

Q – Can my child tryout for a White Team without attending the Purple/Green Team tryouts?

A – All Purple/Green and White Team tryouts for a particular age group will be held at the same time.  Players should notify the Travel team coach running the tryouts that he/she wants to considered only for the White Team.

Q – Does my child have to attend all the tryout sessions to be eligible for the Purple/Green or White Team?

A – There are usually three (3) tryouts for the Purple/Green and White Teams.  We recognize that most of the kids are involved in other sports or activities at this time.  The more tryout sessions attended, the better the chance that the player has to be evaluated.  In certain circumstances, the coaches may hold an additional tryout in order to thoroughly evaluate all of the players.

Q – How many players are kept on each team?

A – 7v7 teams will typically carry 11 players; 9v9 teams will typically carry 13 players; all other age groups will play 11v11 and typically carry 16 players.

Q – Who picks the teams?  What skills are evaluated by the coaches?

A – The coaches for a particular age group are responsible for evaluating the players and choosing the team.  In addition, most of the LTSC Teams utilize evaluators from outside groups. Players are evaluated not only on their soccer skills, but also on fitness, agility, team play, cooperation and attentiveness.  For any team where a coach has not yet been determined, the Evaluation Committee will make the decisions, and coaches will be identified after team selection.

Q – Do the coaches keep only the kids who made the team in prior years?

A – Every coach is responsible for evaluating all the players and giving each one a chance to make a team.  Players who were on the team in prior years must try out like everyone else.  There are generally openings on all teams due to development, kids moving, changing sports or other reasons.

Q – When are the team selection decisions made?

A – Coaches may begin to make decisions regarding players immediately following the conclusion of the tryouts.

Q – How often do the Travel Teams practice and when do practices start?

A – Practice frequency is left to the discretion of the coaches.  Most teams begin some kind of practicing over the summer, with the frequency picking up in August.  Most teams practice two nights a week during the fall.  

Q – When does the season start, and how frequently do the teams play?

A – Most teams play in weekend tournaments in late August.  The weekend games generally start the weekend after Labor Day.  The majority of the Purple/Green Teams play in both Saturday and Sunday leagues, while most White Teams only play in Sunday leagues.  However, it is left up to the discretion of the coaches with input from the parents.  We do have Purple/Green Teams that only play on Sundays, and White Teams who play on Saturday and Sunday. 

Q – How much Travel is really involved?

A – The leagues and tournaments that are entered for a particular team are chosen by the coaches with some input from the parents.  Most teams play in leagues in the Greater Baltimore region, thus the travel for most away games is within a 20-40 minute drive.  Many of the older age group teams will enter out of town tournaments where weekend travel is required.

Q – How much does it cost to play Travel Soccer?

A – Players selected for a LTSC Travel team must pay an initial travel registration fee to confirm their spot on the team (approximately $125 - $150).   The travel registration fee covers field rentals for tryouts, additional practice and game fields during the fall season at The Park School, early season team training for teams U12 and under, equipment needs (goals, nets, corner flags, etc.) and various county and league administrative costs.   Players must buy uniforms (approximately $150).  Additional costs per team depend on the leagues entered and the number and location of tournaments played and will range from $100-$300, excluding out of town travel expenses.  These costs are not paid until the team is selected and the coach completes a budget for the season.

Q - Is my child guaranteed to play at least a half of a game like he or she would be in in-house soccer?

A – We encourage all travel coaches to be sensitive to the mission and program constitution of LTRC soccer.  Each coach is given suggested guidelines. However, the amount of playing time for travel players is not guaranteed.

Q – My child is an accomplished player, and is good enough to make a team in an older age group.  Are they allowed to play up for an older LTSC age group?

A – While we recognize that some kids could make an older age group team, LTSC generally does not promote players to play out of their designated age group.  

Q – How soon after registration will we be called about travel tryouts?

A – Registration for travel tryouts will be open April 3 until mid-May.  Once all the data is accumulated and given to the coaches, they will contact prospective players by phone or e-mail.  We will make every effort to post the tryout dates and times on our website at www.ltrcsoccer.org 

Q – I’ve heard that my child will need a picture identification card.  How do I get one?

A – All players who participate in travel soccer need a laminated ID card that can be obtained at various locations prior to the season (see your coach).  If a team participates in an out of state tournament, a second ID card from a national soccer association will generally be required for each player

Q – What if I move into the area after the travel teams are selected?

A – All team rosters are finalized at the end of tryouts.  Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the travel coordinator and program coordinator. 

Q – What is the Challenge Cup?

A – The Challenge Cup is a soccer tournament for club, travel and CYO teams that is sponsored by LTRC.  It is held the last weekend in August and all LTRC travel teams participate.  This is the biggest fundraiser for LTRC Soccer.

Q – Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer?

A – Yes.  All parents are required to fill volunteer slots for their child’s team at the Challenge Cup.  These events help to defray the costs of running the travel soccer program.  There are also other opportunities to help organize snacks, travel plans and other administrative duties.

Q – What if I have other questions?

A – You can e-mail questions to admin@ltrcsoccer.org, or contact the Travel Coordinator listed under Board Members on the website.